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The second annual Art and Olfaction Awards took place on April 17 2015 at the Goethe Institut, with a full showing of the perfume and art communities in Los Angeles.

2015 Finalists and Winners

Judges and attendees agreed that the finalist work was stellar. Every single one of the finalists is deserving of special recognition and congratulations.


Eau de Céleri, by Monsillage
Artisan Category Winner
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Woodcut, by Olympic Orchids
Artisan Category Winner
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Black Pepper & Sandalwood, by Acca Kappa
Independent Category Winner
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Skive, by Canoe
Independent Category Winner
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Famous Deaths, by
Sadakichi Award for Experimental Use of Scent Winner
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A City on Fire by Imaginary Authors
Finalist, Artisan Category
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Foxglove by DS & Durga
Finalist, Artisan Category
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Tobacco Cognac by House of Cherry Bomb
Finalist, Artisan Category
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Boccanera, by OrtoParisi
Finalist, Independent Category
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Ombre Indigo, by Olfactive Studio
Finalist, Independent Category
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Pashay, by Ray Matts
Finalist, Independent Category
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Catalin, by Charles Long, Carrie Paterson, Karen Reitzel, Seth Hawkins, Emery Martin, Michael Mascha
Finalist, Sadakichi Award
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Chroma, by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
Finalist, Sadakichi Award
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Crime and Punishment, by Michael McGinley, Charles ‘Chuck’ McGinley, Noah Bremer and Ben Heywood
Finalist, Sadakichi Award
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In Libro De Tenebris, by Paul Schütze
Finalist, Sadakichi Award
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We couldn’t be happier with how the event went: The Art and Olfaction Awards are really a community affair, and it shows in the familial atmosphere and friendly, inclusive atmosphere.

Our speakers were:

Emcee – Kendra Gaeta
Short Film – Steven Rimlinger
Opening Remarks – Saskia Wilson-Brown
State of the Industry Address – Adam Eastwood & Franco Wright
Submissions Process – Hank Jenkins
Presenting the Judges – Ashley Eden Kessler
Artisan Category Finalists – Sarah Horowitz-Thran
First Winner in Artisan Category – Adolfo Nodal
Second Winner in Artisan Category – Daniel Krasofski
Independent Category Finalists – Steven Gontarksi
First Winner in Independent Category – Christina Fidducia
Second Winner in Independent Category – Brent Leonesio
Sadakichi Award for Experimental Scent: Raison d’être – Dr. Kóan Jeff Baysa
Sadakichi Award for Experimental Scent Finalists & Winner – Bettina Hubby
Closing Remarks – Yosh Han



After the ceremony somebody said that next year we should have a drinking game where everyone has to take a shot each time someone says ‘thank you’. Our goal, then, is to get you drunk: THANK YOU!

First round of thanks goes to the perfume community! Without your participation, this entire undertaking would have been quite impossible.


LuckyScent / Scent Bar
The Goethe Institut
Esxence Milan
Scent Culture Institute with Bern University for Applied Sciences
Beski Projekts
Hollywood Blonde
Standard Hollywood
Aftelier Perfumes
Sebastian Signs
Fragrance Belles Lettres


Ashley Eden Kessler
Brent Leonesio
Daniel Krasofski
Hank Jenkins
James McHugh
Laura Johnson
Neal Harris
Steven Gontarski
Sherri Sebastian
Yvettra Grantham

Luca Turin
Mandy Aftel
Miriam Vareldzis
Sebastian Fischenich
Sarah Horowitz-Thran

Allison Agsten
Bettina Hubby
Dr. Kóan Jeff Baysa
Marcos Lutyens
Mark Allen


Alexa Coblentz
Ben Chase
Borja Sau
Bradford Akerman
Ilene Hoffman
Jeffrey Paul
Maxwell Williams
Julianne Lee
Kendra Gaeta
Micah Hahn
Minetta Rogers
Monica Seggos
Saskia Wilson-Brown
Shelly Ray
Stacey Lazzara


Submissions for the 2016 award open in October of 2015.

We are hoping to reduce the amount of plastic we are using for the 2016 event. This means that we will ask you to send your submissions wrapped in recycled newspapers, and we request that you try to find the smallest possible box so there is only a minimal amount of packing peanuts.

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We’ll see you in October!

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